Android Update Statistics – May 2013

android update statistics

Google’s latest seven-day market statistics were released today. The numbers examine the relative densities of operating system usage and screen size across devices.

Android Software Updates

The statistics show promise for Android’s newest flavor, Jelly Bean, which continues to grow since its release in the summer of 2012. A total of 28.4% of Android users are sweet on Jelly Bean, with 26.1% using the older 4.1x version, and 2.3% on their newer 4.2x release. Ice Cream Sandwich does not fall far behind, claiming 27.5% of Android users, with a relatively small smattering of other users using Honeycomb (0.1%), Donut (0.1%), Éclair (1.7%) and Froyo (3.7%).

But the market of Android users is still largely dominated by Gingerbread, with a cumulative of 38.5% of users using the two and a half year old platform. Jelly Bean still lags behind Android’s outdated software by about 10%.

Not pictured here are the May 1 statistics for screen size, which are important to consider when optimizing your app’s UI, but which have remained moderately consistent over time. Screens that are considered to be of “Normal” size dominate with 79.7% of devices at this size. Following behind are “Small” screens at 9.8%, “Large” screens at 5.6% and “Extra-Large” screens at 4.9%.

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