Apple releases MacBook Pro with new Touchbar

Apple announced the release of its new and improved Macbook Pro and is available for pre-order now. So far, the new version of the MacBook Pro seems to be impressing its audiences with its lighter weight, Touch Bar option and other changes like a bigger trackpad, a more responsive keyboard and brighter screens.

The Touch Bar addition to the MacBook Pro replaces the top row of function keys on the keyboard. It allows users to interact with their keyboards in a more versatile and functional way by changing the bar screen automatically based on what the user is doing. For example, the Touch Bar screen shows the most used emojis while typing a message for users to add into the conversation. The Touch Bar also helped introduce the Touch ID function for Apple Pay and logging into your devices.

The MacBook Pro comes without the Touch Bar option in 13-inch version for a cheaper price while still bringing the other features to the update. The 15-inch version is available with the Touch Bar already included.

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