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Whether you’re with us from bootstrapping to deployment, or simply ordering your app development services à la carte, we at HarborDev promise that your app is in good hands. Browse our services to see how we do it.

Our Services

Everything we do is driven by one goal: to provide quality mobile solutions that emphasize an unparalleled user experience. We understand the importance of listening to the needs of our clients, and as a leading mobile app development company, we believe the best way to do business is to always deliver more than expected. Our team builds advanced, sophisticated native applications for iOS and Android. Additionally, we build mobile websites using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript that offer enough cross-platform flexibility and efficiency to emulate native mobile experiences. At HarborDev, we have a “client-first” approach to strategy, project management and quality testing, meaning we operate in a way that allows our clients to have total control over a project from start to finish.

We also offer:

SEO & Content Direction

On the Internet, you have 9 seconds to make a positive impression. That’s the average amount of time people spend on a site’s home page before browsing away to a new location. Your home page should read like a handshake; color, character, tone and emotion all play an essential role in defining your brand and captivating your audience. We understand how to engage visitors with just the right interplay between content and aesthetic, so that those 9 seconds stretch into 90 minutes of browse time. Let us get to know your business personally, so we can take what we’ve learned and convey it to the world.

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Web Applications for PC

Here at HarborDev, we love mobile – but we’ve got other tricks up our sleeves, too. For companies seeking PC solutions, we provide full-service web application development. Web applications are designed to have all of the benefits of desktop applications, and when they are done right they deliver highly sophisticated, highly interactive services through your browser. If there are services you’d like to see implemented into your website that can be accessed without user download, they can be accomplished via a thoughtfully executed web application.

We’re not just app developers – we’re artisans of experiences. Want to work with us?

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