All About Apps, or: Why You Should Go Mobile

all about apps

The use of mobile applications has seen exponential growth since the market first opened in 2008 – and we have the infographics to prove it. compiled data into this compelling visual that shows just how integrated mobile devices have become in people’s lives.

The average smartphone user regularly utilizes applications for entertainment, socializing, shopping and payment purposes. As developers continue to innovate, producing apps that are as inventive as they are practical, they incite lifestyle changes for smartphone users that have the potential to influence almost every aspect of their day. It’s astounding to think of just how much the mobile market has evolved since its inception, and anyone with a penchant for development or design should be pleased to know that the forecast for the coming years predicts even more growth.

According to the infographic:

All About Mobile Apps

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  • US consumers spend 127 minutes per day using apps: Nearly an hour playing games, more than 30 minutes on social platforms, and around 13 minutes on both entertainment and utilities apps.
  • The average user has more than 100 apps on their device.
  • App usage has seen exponential growth since 2008 – it took nine months after Apple’s app store opened to reach one billion downloads, but by the end of this year, iOS and Android users will collectively download two billion apps per week.
  • In one week, the Apple store receives 26,000 app submissions.
  • More than 500,000 people are employed in positions that pertain to mobile applications.
  • This year should see a total of $25 billion in revenue generated by mobile applications – but by 2016, $46 billion is predicted.

This is exciting news for companies who want to expand their reach to mobile platforms – the industry is showing no signs of letting up, and mobile endeavors are guaranteed to be profitable. Mobile strategy is key to success in the era of applications, and HarborDev has the experience and know-how to consult on every aspect of mobile strategy, whether it’s deciding between web and native applications or integrating your new mobile goals with your existing enterprise strategies, we offer flexible counsel and the capabilities to execute any plans we assist you in devising. Visit to learn more.

Morgan is a Project Manager, writer, and the Overseer of Quality Assurance at HarborDev. With a background in Health Sciences and professional copywriting, her mobile technology ventures are fueled by a blend of creativity and curiosity.


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