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Mobile Testing Strategy

The mobile market is still on the rise, and that’s great news for you. But with so many devices on the market and new releases coming out every year, how can you be sure that your app will perform as expected and delight your user base on any screen size, operating system and action taken? Your app may perform well in a lab environment, due to ideal circumstances of constant connectivity and artificially created user scenarios, but how can you be sure your app will perform just as seamlessly in the wild? HarborDev arms you with a full turn approach to app quality, so you can rest assured that your project can compete in today’s ultra-competitive app economy.


Faster time to market. Tighter budgets. Businesses are faced with a lot of constraints today. Especially because the mobile app market became very dense and very saturated pretty quickly. But when it comes to testing, there is no room for error. We don’t just test your app in the safety of our simulators, we make sure that we test it out on the street in real-life environments where the conditions aren’t as ideal as on a simulator. In HarborDev, you can have a flexible partner that can meet your business needs and deliver the quality your end-users expect.


HarborDev’s Quality Assurance and Testing Services helps businesses around the world reduce the time and effort in testing. Our core focus is on mobile application testing. Weather it’s iOS or Android, tablet or phone, or even multiple systems – our expertise spans various testing tools, devices and platforms.

· Software Quality Excellence
· Strategic Test Consulting and Planning
· Performance and Automation Engineering
· Ready-to-use innovative Test Solutions and Frameworks
· Specialized Testing Services in emerging areas such as Mobile, Business Intelligence, and Agile.

Put the power of HarborDev to work for you:

· Experienced Test Professionals
· Multiple applications
· Multiple devices
· Fast delivery
· Dedicated testing staff for Automation, Performance, Mobile Testing, Business Intelligence, Location and User Experience

We can deliver cutting-edge solutions and therefor ensure a faster time-to-market for your project. Combining unmatched expertise and innovation with a deep client focus, HarborDev assures your testing initiative achieves the highest success.

HarborDev’s QA and testing offering delivers a unique combination of quality and cost effectiveness. We bring together consistent added value, strategy, process and governance to deliver an innovative solution that exceeds clients’ expectations.

Contact us now to set up QA and other testing services for your project!

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