New Trends in Enterprise Mobility

People have been discussing the criticality of mobile in enterprise mobile strategy for some time – but just how critical is it? In today’s multi-device world, ensuring that your company has a mobile strategy is now on par with the importance of last decade’s web strategy. There are still burdens involved with refining the best approach to mobile enterprise, however. Issues of security and the lag in implementing “bring your own device” policies (BYOD) often deter companies from adopting mobile enterprise solutions, but now is the time to resolve any uncertainties and jump in to the mobile game. created an infographic depicting the trends in enterprise application development (scroll down for the full image). From the figure, it is worth noting the number of businesses already involved – 68% plan on at least one enterprise-centric app for 2013. Beyond that, we’re seeing the rise of enterprise app stores. 25% of enterprises are expected to have one by 2017 – but what does that mean exactly? Internal app stores allow business to increase control over employee application usage, and help mitigate some of the security risks associated with mobile software. The centralized procurement of company-mandated applications means greater control of overhead costs, and an increased value for the employees utilizing the apps due to the fact that enterprise app stores typically won’t vend any superfluous software.

The usability of enterprise apps is important – employees that have a tough time with the software are less likely to use it. The trend seems to be geared towards hybrid applications, with a projected 50% majority over native or web apps. With native apps having a tendency to run more smoothly and encounter less security risks than their web or hybrid counterparts, however, it’s probably worth springing for the extra cost of development.

But as Cmswire pointed out, strategy precedes development. Before you dive in to developing software for you company, outlining the intended outcomes is a crucial first step. HarborDev can help you answer all of the questions involved in developing your mobile enterprise strategy, so you end up with an app that functions as more than a simple, self-defined program. You end up with a tool that streamlines productivity, alleviates the burdens of your employees and improves your customer experience.

To learn more about how HarborDev can help, visit our mobile strategy page.

Mobile App Development Infographic

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