Capturing the Impact of Mobile Business

If you aren’t offering advertisements in your mobile app, you are missing out on big earnings. Facebook has earned 4.3 Billion is from advertising revenue and what is amazing is that 76% that was generated from mobile users. Less and less users are accessing data through a desktop or traditional web browser, when there is a mobile app available.

How Big is it?

Is it no question that social media usage is growing. The majority of users connect to social networks through mobile phones. Facebook is obviously the biggest when it comes to users and daily time spent. 47% of all Internet users are on Facebook.

Capturing the Impact of Mobile Business Infographic

User Count (in billions)
1.4B Facebook
.36B Google+
.34B LinkedIn
.30B Instagram
.28B Twitter
.07B Pinterest

Mobile Users (percentage of all users per network)
98% Instagram
92% Pinterest
86% Twitter
68% Facebook
26% LinkedIn


If your app is not free to users, you may want to stay away from ads in your app. If you are offering a free app, you might want to look into offering up advertising spots within you app. There is a huge opportunity out there for advertisement earnings!


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