WatchOS 2 Unveiled at WWDC

WatchOS 2 release at WWDC

At WWDC – WatchOS 2 was announced for developers. This release paves the way for applications to assist with everything from your emails, messages and calendar to money management and secure ID storage. For instance, by enabling a setting the watch will know which room of your house you are in and initially show you information about that room. I’m excited about what we’re going to make for this new device.

For those of you who want to know a little more about WatchOS 2, you can head over to Tech Radar and check out their review, but for convenience I have combined the most important bullet points for you:

    • The Digital Crown will provide functionality beyond zooming in and out. Rotating the crown will let you ‘Time Travel’ showing various events up to 72 hours into the future or past events, right on the watch face.
    • The Apple Watch will be able to connect to open Wi-Fi networks without needing to connect to your iPhone first.
    • There are already 10 customizable Apple Watch faces and as we expected, there are more on the way.
    • New ‘complications’ or information in the various watch faces will be able to display third party apps. Flight times, home controlled systems with Homekit devices can be accessed from your wrist, your electric car charge information and more should show up as options when OS 2 is released.
    • Nightstand mode will flip your Apple Watch face to show horizontally while it’s charging. The Digital Crown becomes a snooze button and the side button turns off alarms.

There is so much more I could mention about WatchOS 2, but you should really read TechRadar’s review here.


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