Apple Music and Beats1 launched today

Apple announced its long-rumored, Beats-powered music subscription service at this year’s WWDC opening day keynote. It will arrive on June 30 on iOS devices “in over 100 countries” with a free, three-month trial, after which point users will have to pay a $10/month subscription fee. Family plans will also launch for up to six users at a rate of $15/month. Access will expand to Android and Apple TV devices “this fall.” Subscription fees for the UK, Europe, and elsewhere, were not announced—but they’ll probably be around £6/€10 for a normal account and £10/€15 for a family plan.

The iOS 8.4 update will become available at 8am pacific time, or 4pm in the UK. An hour later, Apple’s Beats 1 radio station will start streaming. The timing is slightly earlier than usual, with Apple tending to make updates available at 10am pacific time. The change might be at least partly to give time for Beats 1 to launch an hour later, after everyone has signed up.

To update iPhones and iPads, users can head to “General” in Settings, and click “Software Update”. New releases of iOS sometimes put a load on Apple’s servers, and the downloads can be slower than they would usually be — Apple doesn’t usually notify users about the update until demand has died down a little.
The company has also clarified exactly how Apple Music and iTunes Match — Apple’s previous streaming music service, which only let users listen to tracks they already owned — will work together.

Additionally we have heard that Apple Music is not only coming to iPhones, iPads and Macs tomorrow, but that, before the end of the year, Apple’s new service will also be streaming on Sonos systems.
On Sunday, Sonos spokesman Eric Nielsen told the Journal in an email that the company is currently working with Apple to make its Wi-Fi speakers compatible with Apple Music. (Nielsen could not provide more specific timing.) Apple also confirmed in an email that it’s working with Sonos on Apple Music compatibility.

Sonos is a pioneer when it comes to streaming speakers in the home, and its popular line of audio products currently streams music from Beats Music (which Apple Music will eventually replace) and the top rival streaming services including Spotify, Tidal, Rdio, Google Play Music, Pandora, Deezer and SoundCloud.
The Sonos compatibility signals that Apple is approaching Apple Music unlike most of its apps and service, which can only be found on Apple’s own hardware. In the next few months, Apple Music will be available as an Android app (like Beats Music), too.

If you want to know more about the upcoming launch and all its features, head over to TechCrunch and get the full scoop.

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