Collegefession™ is the #1 Official College Confessions Site. Collegefession is the #1 anonymous social sharing platform for college students, featuring real college confessions, college stories, humor, college news, and more.

The Project

Collegefession™ used to be a Twitter account that gained great popularity very quickly within the college community. 456,000 followers later, the company upgraded from simply tweeting the confessions to storing them on their own website and soon after collaborated with HarborDev to create their very own mobile app. Due to existing branding, colors and user processes the development time went by rather quickly and the app will soon be released on the app store.

Collegefession App Preview 1
Collegefession App Preview 2

Due to the app content that users provide being on the rather exposed spectrum of online conversation, it was very important for HarborDev to create a back-end enviroment that not only allows seemless integration with stored data but also provides enough security to monitor and control user activity for malintent. Confessions can be submitted via email or through the collegefession website and soon through the iOS app. All submissions remain anonymous as confessions are for entertainment purposes only. No user information is stored or transmitted, but every confession has to be approved by the Collegefession™ staff prior to publishing.